Curriculum for Excellence is the name given to the curriculum in Scotland for all children and young people aged 3-18. It is a forward; looking, coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum that provides young people with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need if they are to flourish in life, learning and work, now and in the future.

The curriculum includes all of the experiences that are planned for children and young people to support the development of their skills, wherever they are being educated, for example in the family and community, pre-school centre, nursery and school. This broad, general education will allow them to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to life in the 21st century.

In taking this forward our school will work closely with South Lanarkshire Education Resources and other services to enable Curriculum for Excellence to be fully embedded, ensuring the best possible education for all children and young people. We wish you to feel confident that your child is encouraged and supported to develop their literacy, numeracy and other skills whilst they attend our school. The curriculum areas are as follows:

  • Expressive arts
  • Languages and literacy
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • Religious and moral education
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Technologies

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Our learning and teaching activities are based on the outcomes and experiences in the guidelines that all schools have for Curriculum for Excellence.


Level Stage
Early The pre-school years and Primary 1 or later for some.
First To the end of Primary 4, but earlier or later for some.
Second To the end of Primary 7, but earlier or later for some.

Expressive Arts                                                       Curriculum Planner Expressive Arts

Health and wellbeing – Food and Health           Curriculum Planner Health & Wellbeing

Literacy and English                                          Curriculum Planner Literacy and English

Numeracy and Mathematics                 Curriculum Planner Numeracy and Mathematics

Religious and Moral Education  Curriculum Planner Religious Education in R C Schools

Sciences                                                                              Curriculum Planner Sciences

Social Studies                                                              Curriculum Planner Social Studies

Technologies                                                                 Curriculum Planner Technologies

Modern Languages


Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6

Primary 7