Parent Council

The original Parent Council formed in 2006 and one of the First in Scotland.

The Parent Council has the right and responsibility to represent the views of parents on a wide variety of educational matters.  They have four key functions:

  • Supporting the school in its work with pupils
  • Representing the views of parents
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and the community
  • Reporting to the all parents

The Parent Council support the school in:

  • Reviewing the school’s improvement plan
  • Encouraging parents and relatives to become involved in the children’s education (parent helpers, clubs, talks, and so on)
  • Communicating with South Lanarkshire Council and local councillors over important issues affecting the school
  • Supporting initiatives, such as educating families about internet safety

We’re here to help.  If there’s something which worries you, or which you’d just like to suggest or speak about, let us know.  Simply speak to one of the Parent Council, or email us at:

Alternatively, you can pass a note to the school office, or come to one of our meetings, on the first Thursday of every month, in the school at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome.