Parent Teacher Association

St. Mark’s Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of mums and dads who are primarily concerned with fundraising for the pupils of St Mark’s.

It is vitally important that the PTA raise additional money for the school to really enhance the educational experience our children receive at St Mark’s Primary School.

In the past year, the PTA has purchased a whole school maths resource and a new Spanish teaching resource which can be used at all levels in the school.

They also contribute towards the more fun elements of school life like Christmas parties, school discos and panto and outward bound trips, enjoyed by all pupils. The school football strip was also organised by the PTA.

The PTA is made up of parents with children of all ages and stages at the school. They meet at the school on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm and new members are always welcome!

Feel free to come along to one of the meetings or contact for more information on how you can get involved.

Starting School

Starting School in August

Our whole school community looks forward to welcoming a new intake of Primary 1 pupils each August.

In January every year parents visit the school within their catchment area to enrol their child for Primary Education. Parents must bring with them 2 proofs of residence and the child’s birth certificate and baptism certificate, if appropriate.

To ensure a smooth transition from Nursery to Primary education, our staff visit the pupils in nursery. Transition documents pass between the staff.




School Uniform

All pupils in St. Mark’s wear school uniform:

Jacket:                                    either   Brown blazer with School Badge

or         Brown fleece

Trousers/Skirt:                                  Brown

Shirt/Blouse:                                     Blue

Tie:                                                     School Tie

Primary 7 wear a special tie, available from school

Top:                                                    either Brown V-neck jumper / cardigan

or         Pale blue V-neck jumper / cardigan

Footwear:                                          Black/ brown school shoes

Brown socks/tights

School Bag:                                       either Brown bag with School Badge

or         bag of choice

Physical Education (P.E.) Kit:         Pale blue polo shirt

Navy shorts

Black plimsolls

Swimming Kit:                                   swimming trunks and cap       boys

swimming costume and cap   girls

Currently, swimming takes place only in Primary 7 and Primary 5.


Only Primary 1 pupils may wear their polo shirt all day on P.E. days.

All other pupils change for Physical Education.


The uniform, including hair scrunchies, is available from:

  • Catherine’s,  265 Glasgow Road,  Burnbank, Hamilton ML3 0QG
  • Alston’s, 84 Quarry Street, Hamilton ML3 7AX

Our Aims and Values

In St. Mark’s Primary School we aim to:

Provide a welcoming atmosphere and a positive ethos throughout the school, ensuring all children are educated in a safe, secure, happy and health-promoting environment.

Develop the Catholic faith within each child in a caring Christian environment.

Have consistently high expectations and match these with high quality modern resources which are effectively used to support programmes of study.

Raise attainment through self evaluation and continuous improvement in every aspect of the schools work and life.

Develop within all pupils a positive attitude towards their environment contributing to the wider community in a responsible and caring way.

Develop the partnership with parents and carers and ensure that they are kept fully informed and encouraged to be active participants in their children’s progress.

Support the development of best professional practices amongst the staff which provide impact and benefit to pupils.

Ensure each child is brought to a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities and is helped to appreciate the diversity of other cultures and beliefs.