Active Schools

tony gilhooly


Tony Gilhooly, Active Schools Co-ordinator – St John Ogilvie Learning Community provides wonderful experiences for children of this cluster.

Throughout this session, he has involved our children in a range of wonderful opportunities to participate in sport within school.

The most recent and upcoming event in school is the ‘Multi Sports Club’ sessions that have been offered to Primary 4 and Primary 5 children. We have had a great response from children willing to be involved and these will run across two blocks for a 4 week period:

Block 1 :

Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday 2nd February

Tuesday 16th February

Tuesday 23rd February

Block 2 :

Tuesday 1st March

Tuesday 8th March

Tuesday 15th March

Tuesday 22nd March

Children involved in Block 1 have signed and returned permission slips. Children involved in Block 2 will receive their permission slips in due course.