New School Session

The pupils have arrived at school ready for the new session looking very smart in their new uniforms which they wear with pride. They have settled well into their new classes  and we are looking forward to a busy, exciting year ahead. IMG_8462IMG_8463  IMG_8464 IMG_8465

Download Microsoft Office for FREE

glowDoes your child have a Glow account? Glow users can now download for free the Microsoft Office 2016 apps on up to 15 personal devices, up to 5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 phones.

To download the Office 2016 apps, children and young people should log into Glow and click on the Download Office Now tile or go to Office 365 Home tile.

Further details can be found on Education Scotland.


We are ready!

Some of our pupils happy and excited to be joining St. John Ogilvie High School in August. The two day visit to introduce the children to secondary education was a roaring success!

Primary 7 Transition Day

“We feel ready and excited for our next big challenge at high school.”

Erin McGuire

School Representatives at SLC Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to Rocco Vata and Jude Bonar, Primary 7, for excellence in their outstanding performance in the school football team this year and gaining a place at St. Ninian’s High School, Football Youth Academy. The boys were presented with certificates at the South Lanarkshire Awards Ceremony in the Hamilton Town Hall.


Singing Club Celebration of Success

1Parents, grandparents and families were delighted to attend the annual celebration of the Singing Club, led by Mrs Alison McGrory and supported by Mrs Heather 2Quigley, both parents. The pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 7 impressed the audience with their fabulous singing. Cadia Jaconnelli, Primary 7, introduced a range of songs including Rise Up by Andra Day, Golden Slumber from the movie Sing, My love is like a Red Red Rose by Robert Burns and A Life that’s Good from the TV series Nashville…all favourites.

5We were particularly delighted this year to be joined by guests of honour, Jacqueline and Christopher Lomoljo whose daughter Ana Maria is in Primary 2.

The Singing Club highlighted the condition of Sepsis which had had a huge impact on the family this year     and the children chose to send all donations to Sepsis Trust UK.


Official Opening Ceremony

Friends, families and guests gathered to mark the official opening of our £7 million school.

Headteacher, Caroline Campbell said, “At St. Mark’s we do our best to equip children well for the future; we celebrate individuality and make sure our learners can work independently and as part of a team, with excellent communication skills.

I know our pupils will make a difference to the future of Scotland and our job here is to ensure that each pupil grows to be all they can be.”

Official Opening of St Mark's Primary School

Official Opening of St Mark's Primary School

Official Opening of St Mark's Primary School

Official Opening of St Mark's Primary School

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of people who share common academic goals and attitudes and who meet regularly to collaborate on learning and teaching and the work of the school.

St. Mark’s Primary School is a member of the St. John Ogilvie Learning Community. Our Learning Community consists of six associated Primary Schools and one High School.

We belong with our colleagues in

St. Blane’s Primary School

St. Cuthbert’s Primary School and Nursery Class

St. John Ogilvie High School

St. Joseph’s Primary School and Nursery Class

St. Ninian’s Primary School

St. Peter’s Primary School

We enjoy working together to challenge and support the education of all of our children. The Head Teachers meet monthly and the teaching staff are encouraged to meet with their colleagues from the other schools to share ideas, training, resources and classroom practice.

We also provide opportunities for our pupils to meet e.g. Pupils from St Joseph’s and St. Blane’s joined with us for our World of Work Day and the Staff of St. Peter’s joined with us when we worked on Food Technology training in the Healthy Eating Bus. Most recently, we met in August for teachers to share standards and ensure that we have a shared understanding of assessment and moderation of the Curriculum in Numeracy and Literacy.

We value our Learning Community colleagues very much and happily work together to ensure the best for all.


Thanks for the question Mr Murphy.